Hiram Powell

I was referred to Dr. Avant by my primary dentist, Dr. Stephen Obeng of Obeng Family Dentistry. Dr. Obeng had determined that I needed a "root canal" for a troubled tooth but did not have an opening to take care of the matter right away. Within 30 minutes he had secured an appointment for me with Dr. Sondra Avant and within one hour I was sitting in a chair at her location receiving treatment.

From the minute I walked in the door, I received excellent customer service. From a friendly greeting, to assistance with completing necessary paperwork, insurance inquiry and payment options, I was treated with attention and care.

The treatment I received was personally performed by Dr. Avant and met or exceeded my expectations, especially on such short notice. Dr. Avant worked with confidence and efficiency and engaged me in pre-treatment dialogue to ensure I understood the process and expected outcomes. Dr. Avant was aided by a very capable dental assistant who also who conducted the prep for the treatment..

Although it has only been one day since my "root canal" was performed, all seems to have gone well ,e.g., swelling is going down,. pain has subsided and I am again able to use the tooth with confidence.

In a time when technology has automated many processes, Dr. Avant and her team have not lost the magic of the "personal touch."

Based on my experience, I would definitely recommend Dr. Avant to family and friends.

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