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We will need copies of your ID and insurance card and collect patient medical history, dental history, referrals, and any other necessary paperwork.

A conclusive file that includes as much information regarding a patient’s case as possible allows us to create a more detailed treatment plan. We treat conditions ranging from cracked and broken teeth to emergency root canals and tooth extractions. Endodontic conditions are often painful and require immediate attention, and treating any case in its early stages often produces the best results. Call us today at 386-304-4620 to learn more about the services we offer and the conditions or symptoms we can treat.

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Cosmetic Forms

By filling out the new patient registration form online, you can speed up the treatment process. Sondra Avant DDS, MS, PA registration forms allow us to ensure we customize the treatment to your needs. Whether we speak with you over the phone or in-person during an appointment, we will ensure you receive the care you need. Click on the link to fill out the form and request an appointment today.


Sondra Avant DDS, MS, PA now offers COVID forms to help patients understand the treatment process during the COVID-19 pandemic. This can include going over our PPE, the policies in place, and scheduling a phone consultation to develop a treatment plan. Please access the links below to fill out the consent forms before your appointment.

New Patient Registration Forms

Please complete the forms below before your first visit, to help us get to know you better.

Patient Consent Forms

If there is pertinent information you need to share with us, please access the forms below before an appointment. These forms cover your oral health, current condition, medical history, and the reason why you are requesting an appointment.

Teledentistry Forms

With teledentistry, you can receive an examination from the comfort of your home. During this consultation, we will review your symptoms and concerns before recommending the most effective course of action. We can schedule an appointment when needed, and help you take care of your oral health. Follow the links below to fill out the teledentistry forms prior to your appointment.

We’re open and offering in-person and online consultations!