Internal Bleaching

Dr. Sondra Avant offers internal bleaching to improve the appearance of your teeth! This professional whitening procedure can help you restore your beautiful smile following tooth damage. Call Avant Endo today at 386-304-4620 to schedule your appointment with our endodontist and learn more about internal bleaching in Port Orange, Florida.

Internal bleaching is the process of whitening a tooth from the inside out. It is typically recommended following traumatic tooth injuries, severe decay which has discolored the teeth or following endodontic treatment. Unlike traditional teeth whitening, where a whitening agent is applied to the outer surface of the tooth, internal bleaching involved applying whitening agents inside the tooth.

When you receive internal bleaching, our endodontist will carefully make a small hole in the back of your tooth. Any debris or infected tissue will be removed, and a bleaching agent will be placed inside the tooth. We will then seal the tooth with a temporary filling material. In most cases, the whitening agent will need to remain in your tooth for one to two weeks. Our endodontist will then reevaluate the tooth and we may repeat this whitening process if your desired shade of white has not been achieved.

Remember, we cannot provide an internal bleaching treatment until you have completed your endodontic treatment. Completing your initial treatment prior to receiving internal whitening means that your bleaching treatment will be more comfortable and that you can eat and drink normally while the bleaching agent is inside the tooth. Please also be aware that internal bleaching may not be able to eliminate all staining. If this is the case for you, our endodontist may recommend a dental crown to improve the appearance of the tooth and protect it from biting forces.

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