Root End Surgery

If your teeth become infected, our endodontist will evaluate your teeth and mouth to create a treatment plan and determine if root end surgery is needed. There are several types of root end surgery available, and Dr. Sondra Avant will work with you to find the type of procedure that is right for your needs. We invite you to call Avant Endo at 386-304-4620 to schedule your consultation and learn more about root end surgery in Port Orange, Florida.

If a nonsurgical root canal procedure is not enough to save your tooth and restore your oral health, our endodontist may recommend a root end surgery. Endodontic surgery works to locate and treat small fractures or hidden canals that were undetected by X-rays or which may have been missed during an initial treatment. There are a variety of surgical procedures that may be recommended, and our endodontist will perform a thorough evaluation of your mouth to determine which type of endodontic surgery will be most effective for you.

The most common endodontic surgery procedure is an apicoectomy, or root-end resection. This treatment is typically recommended when infection or inflammation persists in the bone area around the end of the tooth. It involves removing the infected root tips to eliminate the infection, and in some cases, a small filling may be placed to seal the end of the root canal and help you recover.

To learn more about root end surgery and make an appointment with our endodontist, contact our team today.