Revascularization of the Open Apex

Our endodontist may recommend a revascularization procedure to restore circulation to your teeth and support health tooth root growth. This procedure is typically recommended to improve the function of your teeth, tooth nerves and blood vessels after a tooth has sustained more extensive damage. Call Avant Endo at 386-304-4620 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sondra Avant and learn more about revascularization of the open apex in Port Orange, Florida.

Revascularization is a regenerative treatment used to restore the blood vessels in and around your tooth roots. It is typically recommended for immature adult teeth with open apexes (root ends) or necrotic (dead) tooth tissue, and it works by encouraging growth and development to support healthy tooth tissue.

When you receive a revascularization treatment, you will need to plan for at least two appointments at our office. During the first appointment, our endodontist will open your tooth to access and remove any infected tissue or debris inside it. The tooth will then be rinsed, and antibiotics will be provided to remove any remaining traces of infection. When you return for your second appointment, our endodontist will reopen the tooth and treat the tooth roots to increase blood flow. This increased blood flow will help encourage and support tooth development so that the root ends of the tooth will close and reduce your risk of experiencing decay, bone loss and tooth loss in the future.

Our endodontist and team will provide you with anesthetics and sedation options to help ensure your comfort during your procedure. Following your treatment, you may experience some swelling, which can be reduced using ice packs. We will also provide you with post-op instructions to help you recover.

For more information about revascularization treatment and to schedule a consultation with our endodontist, please contact our office today.